New Technologies for Handicraft :

The main result of New Technologies for Handicraft Project is an online platform, on which students can learn more about different handicraft techniques from all partner countries. After the free registration, students can gain knowledge in the field of textile, pottery or entrepreneurship and, after passing tests – get a certificates that will confirm their competences.

Platform aim to promote a cultural and technical professional exchange, entrepreneurship curse is highly recommended as it will help students to start their own business in the field.

The main objectives of the NTH project:

  • Analysis of needs in the handicraft sector in each of the partner countries.
  • Identification of the best practice of training for vocational school students in creative / local crafts.
  • Training modules will focus on business skills, information technologies, internet sales, design and new production methods.
  • Enabling students to learn traditional crafts and preserving a heritage threatened by extinction.

We believe that these activities will help young vocational school students to create new, local businesses while being aware of marketing trends, confident in their skills and competitive on the sales market.