Great value of Arts and Crafts SMSs

Crafts and small businesses are some of the most important economic sectors in Europe that employ more than 66% of Europe’s workforce. Small enterprises and craft businesses are a prominent source of jobs, as well as cultural and social values. They contribute to both: EU economy and heritage.

Huge changes in the sector

Handicrafts and Art handicraft sector is nowadays facing some major changes due to the use of new technologies and new market trends. Some of them are:

  • Increase connection with design
  • New tools of promotion and selling
  • Disposability of new technologies

At the same time we can observe the disappearance of use of old techniques, that can cause the transition from the unique, regional, quality products to unified and simplified, mass-produced ones.

Objectives of NTH project

There are three main goals of the NTH project:

  • Analyzing the needs of students and main skills required by the sector
  • Identifying a training pathway for VET students in the fields of creative, handicraft sector. The training modules will be elaborated with the big focus on their business skills, ICT and technological skills, media strategies, web selling, design and use of new production methods.
  • Enabling students to learn traditional artisans techniques that are at risk of “extension” to stimulate them to learn and combine it with the contemporary market

We believe that these activities will help young VET students create new businesses, make themselves more attractive in the labor market and more confident about their professional abilities.