SVEFI- Sverigefinska Folkhögskolan 

Svefi Academy is a liberal adult and professional education institution located in a rural area in Northern Sweden, founded in 1973. The aim of the institution is to give its students and participants an opportunity to study, expand their knowledge in different areas and develop social competence taking into consideration each individual’s prerequisites and interests. Svefi works for the Swedish-Finnish minority and promotes the culture and bilingualism through education in Finnish and Swedish. Svefi enables people to influence their own living situation, to take active part in the development of the society. Svefi Academy has 30 staff members, 80 students physically attending courses and 250 students taking distance courses. It offers courses in Sound Engineering, Sound Engineering for visually impaired, Lighting Design, Art, Music, General Studies for further education etc.

Teaching students of these courses entrepreneurial skills has been a natural part of the course. Many of the students start their own business and run a company after graduating. Even those who get employment at small private companies benefit from entrepreneurial part of the course and are able to be efficient co-workers.

Apart from preparing students of these particular areas for further studies and qualified staff for the labour market, Svefi Academy arranges lots of educational, cultural and social activities for the local community. Svefi has an established and well-working cooperative network with the local stakeholders in the cultural and social sectors providing the local community with unique cultural and educational activities targeting a wide range of people with many different social and educational backgrounds starting from marginalised youth and job seekers and asylum seekers to all sorts of professionals.

Svefi Academy’s educational process is arranged in the form of creative workshops (where traditional handicraft is one) and study circles involving learners of different generations, lectures, public lectures, trainings and many other different forms. The aim of the educational process is to provide as much competence and skills to the participants and students as possible.

Based on the requirements of the Swedish National Council of Adult Education Svefi Academy has developed and implemented the quality management system that ensures good quality of the education and training provided by Svefi Academy.