Ośrodek Szkoleniowo-Badawczy INNEO 

The Center for Training and Research INNEO is the association based in Rzeszow (Poland). The aim of the association is development of activities in the area of training and research. The activities of INNEO are aimed at the development of solutions that contribute to social and economic development. The staff of INNEO consists of members with knowledge and experience in various fields e.g. entrepreneurship and leadership, labour market, flipping (flipped learning).

INNEO is based in Rzeszow, the capital of Subcarpathian region in southern Poland, which is characterized by low GDP per capita, high unemployment rate and low level of entrepreneurship. That’s why the association is focused on promoting entrepreneurship and leadership. INNEO has developed a large network of contacts, both on local and international level which is helpful in conducting dissemination of the activities and maximizing the impact. INNEO cooperates with institutions acting in field of education and research (representatives of SME sector, business environment institutions, associations acting in field of education, training and research).

The association involves members with experience in conducting training courses on local level (computer service, labour market, entrepreneurship and leadership) and research the field of social and economic development. INNEO had developed most of these activities as the subcontractor in the framework of Polish program Human Capital. The members of association are also experienced in development of European projects (Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Youth in Action, Erasmus+). The staff of INNEO is experienced in field of project management, evaluation and monitoring, dissemination and exploitation of results, development of training courses (including teaching/learning material).

INNEO has large experience in the framework of Erasmus+ program (KA1 and KA2). The association developed projects for Youth, Adult Education and Vocational Education and Training. The projects are related to subjects such as computer service training, managing on labour market, entrepreneurship, leadership, creative industry and flipping (flipped learning).