Infolog S.r.l.

Infolog S.r.l. is a training agency located in Perugia, Italy. It is active in different sectors since 1996, it operates with the scope to support training for individuals and companies in which needing to improve skills and to upgrade the staff through training.

In these fields Infolog provided training and consultancy for matters like marketing, accounting, green energy and many other useful subjects. All training paths for companies were developed after a thorough market survey on companies needs.

Mission: International. Infolog is organized to provide solution for all needs, recurring to a wide variety of professional staff. Teachers and advisors are selected for their experience in the field and capable of specific problem solving.

Services: Infolog provides training and consultancy for individuals and companies, providing VET as a private or projecting solutions in FES and other public funds. In this ambit Infolog created many training services in VET for young people and, for workers and for unemployed people, including integrated pathways with front lessons and apprenticeship provided together, as well as ordinary training. In this case the main subjects were: integrated pathways for integrated tourism; integrated pathways for social tourism; key account manager; quality manager.

Hosting: Infolog has certified its quality ISO 9001 with Kiwa Cermet n. 11139-A., credited among Regione Umbria. Since 2003.