Associazione Botteghe Artigiane del Centro Storico


In 2009, the cultural association “Artisan Workshops of the Historic Centre” was established in the historic centre of the city of Perugia, thanks to the insight of its President, Maria Antonietta Taticchi, and its members who, with their artistic artisan activities, characterized by tradition and innovation, promote craftsmanship in its widest and most evolved form.

The association focuses on activity planning, gives impulse to artisan work, carried out within the historic centre, an ideal setting due to its historical artistic importance, and is committed to diffusing, safeguarding and publicizing culture, the skills of craftsmen and their products.

Moreover, the association, in harmony with the Manifesto of Artistic Craftsmanship of 2001and with the International Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship of 2010, has as its goal: support and recognition by universities, professional schools, pertinent associations and institutions to become an integrating part of actions and projects leading to the study of the new artistic artisan situation within a contemporary context, to the education of new generations designed to encourage them to undertake manual activities and to make them capable of carrying out work, conceiving and planning projects, organizing meetings, seminars, exhibitions and events with the aim of improving effective communication concerning this sector which is so important for the growth of this city.