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– New Technologies for Handicraft!

Handicraft courses

Within the Handicraft category you can choose between the Textile and Pottery courses.
Textile is divided into Weaving, Knitting and Embroidery modules. While Pottery has only one
module with the same title.


Course certificates

Receive your certificate after passing your assessment. New Technologies for Handicraft!

Business courses

Business category is the Entrepreneurship course consisting of: Work safety, Sales and Online Marketing and Business plan. The entrepreneurship course is highly recommended in order to obtain skills in this area, as well as in New Technologies (3D printing, Online Sales, Marketing).

Moodle LMS

Join courses in online learning environment. Courses are available in partners languages.

NTH, free online courses

Here you can find our courses dedicated to the artisan history and processing techniques used in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Sweden to promote a cultural and technical-professional exchange and to allow you to learn heterogeneous working methods related to the same art.

The courses and contents proposed can be used to supplement already existing and recognized training courses in crafts, both as a start-up to the various craft techniques, and as enrichment in the topics of marketing and online sales.



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